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A Birkenhead Ghost Story


Belfast News-Letter - Monday 01 May 1905


A statement have appeared in Prenton, Birkenhead. The road in which the ghost’s visit is reported more than one person to have been seen country highway the border tho borough—Woodchurch Road—unlighted and lonely, ideal place for the purpose. A Birkenhead cyclist says:—Where the Oxton footpath joins the highway have frequently met at night, at different hours, what appeared to be elderly lady right in front of my bicycle, and on 2 occasions lately was compelled to apply the brakes suddenly to avert a collision. Invariably A glimpse in each case has been only momentarily, the old lady vanishing into the darkness with tho same suddenness that marked her emerging from it. .Another man states that saw the figure described, arid noticed that she wore a grey shawl. What particularly impressed him was the fact that she disappeared quickly and without the slightest noise. She seemed glide into space. Two other Rock Ferry residents are equally positive of the appearance a ghost, and described her similarly. They relate that after waiting in a hedge opposite the footpath for some time dark night last week they suddenly /heard a cry from the footpath. The cry was repeated—an unnatural wail, they say it was—and immediately afterwards they saw tall shadowy form rise. It remained in motionless attitude for some seconds, and then vanished. They remained hiding, and just after the midnight hour had struck tho form reappeared, gliding in a smooth and noiseless manner across the road. Determined settle the mystery, the watchers sprang out, but nothing resulted, for with another wail the ghost disappeared, and although the watchers waited little longer they did not again see the ghost.


Accessed 21st March 2018

The Halfway House,Woodchurch Road 1923


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Saturday 05 November 1887


Birkenhead and its neighbourhood have lately had a much troubled ghost. The effects the visitation appear to be rather serious. A reign of terror, according to a local paper, prevails in the district. A large number of women and children are reported to be dangerously ill, in consequence of being frightened by the spectre. A child of a highly respected tradesman was taken home the other night in an unconscious state after having seen apparition and it is stated that " there are several children at present in the borough hospital suffering from the same cause." It to be hoped there is some exaggeration these statements: but, to judge by the account given the ghost, its appearance and proceedings are calculated create anxiety, not alarm. It looks through bedroom windows after people have retired to rest with horrible expression on its face. Sometimes it is seen in the garb of a tall female, at other times "dressed in clergyman's surplice crouching under a tree."* A labourer the employ of the Corporation met the ghost a few evenings ago in the Borough road, and saw it slowly ascend to the heavens. He watched "through " distance of 1,200 ft. It was surrounded by fire, and left behind it a strong small of sulphur.


Accessed 21st March 2018