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Birkenhead Priory Historic Tales and Information

Liverpool Echo - Saturday 25 April 1914




An interesting discovery to archaeologists has been made during the progress of the work of restoration and preservation of the ancient chapter house of Birkenhead Priory. The chapter house, a comparatively small two storied building, had fallen into disrepair, and some months ago a movement was on foot for the erection of a new roof over the upper floor, called the scriptorium. While the new roof was in course of construction an old window of the original structure was found. Apparently right along the southern wall another wall was built, making a total thickness of nearly five feet, and in the centre on the upper floor has been discovered a flat arched window of ancient style. Only portion has so far been uncovered, but sculptured comers and the arch are already visible. When the whole is disclosed to view it is expected that window of great historical interest will brought to light. In addition, is believed that the original entrance to the upper floor has been found by the discovery a number of steps leading from the scriptorium to the almost opposite St. Mary's Church. It- conjectured that when St. Mary's Church was built the staircase was blocked up and the present entrance built.


Accessed 21st March 2018


Chester Courant - Tuesday 08 December 1818


Birkenhead Priory. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. IP WINSTANLEY, At the King's Arms, Water-street, Liverpool, on Tuesday the December, 1818, Five o'clock in the afternoon, in 36 lots, subject to conditions the produced A Most Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, IN BIRKENHEAD, In the County of Cheshire opposite Liverpool, COMPRISING the MANSION-HOUSE, called Priory, and about 30 statute acres of LAND. This Estate lies immediately opposite Liverpool, town, and of the whole expanse of the River Merry, commands the most extensive and picturesque view*; and the Property is well worthy the attention of the pubic, as it abounds in fine situations for Villas, and is most favourably circumstanced for the erection of Docks, Wharfs, Warehouses, and places for carrying on extensive Trade. Maps of the Estate, as divided into lots, may be seen the place of sale, and at the different News Kpofls in Liverpool; also, at the Commercial News Room in Manchester; and the Ferry, in Birkenhead aforesaid, where a person will attend to shew the lota: and for further particulars, apply to Messrs. Leeke and Potts't, in Chester.


Accessed 21st March 2018