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Bidston Ghosts Myths & Legends Tours



Hidden Wirral Presents... The Historic Ghosts, Myths & Legends of Bidston Tours

Have You Heard the Ghost Tales & Local Legends of Bidston Hill & Village? Bidston Hill is one of the most mysterious supernatural landmarks in the UK, it rises to over 234 feet and has a long, dark reputation as being a meeting place for various covens & occultists.

Do something different with your Thursday Night and join us in Bidston Village for an Historic Ghosts Myths & Legends themed Walk

There are lots of Ghost legends about Bidston Hill. There's the ghost of the Victorian boy who is seen on the hill quite often and has been captured on film. There's the apparition of The Angry Miller, who walked out of the wrong door of the mill in a fit of temper and had his head sliced off by one of the blades. You will be visiting places such as the Notorious Landlord Simon Croft's Grave in St Oswalds Church, The Witches Clearing of Bidston Hill, The old Ring O'Bells Pub, The Legend of Bidston Hall, Richard Tilly the Satanist, The Bidston Werewolf and much much more. You will also hear about the origins of ghost stories and how smugglers concocted stories to drive fear into locals. Everyone loves a good ghost story, especially in the dark. Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? We offer an evening of History and Mystery to capture the imagination and inspire the mind. This Enlightening Tour will take you on a journey through time.  Embrace the Darkness and Face Your Fears. Tours are available at  7pm and 9pm.

In the latter part of the 18th Century, Bidston Hill was a very wild and desolate place. When dusk descended it was also a dangerous place and strangers would soon get lost. The Hill and Village is connected with Witches, Ghosts, Smugglers, Secret Tunnels, Murders, Royalty and Deadly Diseases.

They say that, on the night of a full moon, if you're brave enough to climb Bidston hill after dark, you'll hear the laughter of the Witches. Stand very still and listen - the laughter will swiftly turn to screams. But don't step foot in the Witches' clearing, or legend has it you'll be dead within a month.

We will be taking you on a journey back in time to visit the hidden locations of the hill and tell you of the Ghosts, Myths & Legends that surround it. Discover authentic truths about the old Village's dark past and hear of those that Lived and Died in Unusual Circumstances as we wander the area of Bidston Village and its Mysterious Hill that contains an Old Graveyard, Highway Villiains, Murder Spots, Ancient Norse Carvings, The Witches Clearing, A Lighthouse, Bombed Locations, WW2 Gun Placements, an Observatory and Windmill that have all been connected to Local Legends.

Bidston Village has also played a host of gruesome murders, most notably that of the Williams family which was declared one of the worst murders of the 19th century even attributed to Jack the Ripper. Bidston Village and Hill is where centuries of Stories are waiting to be told. You will be venturing into the Dark Woods, an old Graveyard, The Witches Clearing, Paranormal Hotspots and More. This Enlightening Tour will take you on a journey through time. Embrace the Darkness and Join our Historian & Author for an evening of Historical Facts, Light Comedy and many Dark Tales.

Capacity: 15 people per tour.
Tour Duration: approx 1 and half Hours to 2 Hours
7pm Tour - Over 10s Only
9pm Tour - Over 18s Only
Free Parking Available in Bidston Village or Boundary Road
5 mins Walk away from Bus or Train
You Can Bring a Torch for the 9pm Tour if you wish
This Tour is Guide Dogs Only
For Health & Safety Reasons This is an Alcohol Free Tour, Please Do Not Drink Before or During The Tour for your own Safety.
Security & Staff - Chris Slattery & Robert Henderson

The meeting point is situated
Outside St Oswald's Church Gates
Bidston Village Rd, Bidston,
CH43 7QT
**********************Please Make Sure Arrive at least 15 Minutes Prior to Start Time ***************************
The Tour Finishes on Boundary Road which is just a 10 min walk back to Bidston Village or You can park on Boundary Road near to the farm to save walking back to the village when the Tour has finished.

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Sensible footwear is also advised for walking up the hill via the village.


By Car - Free Parking Available

By Bus - 492, 407, 418 bus's run near to Location

By Train - Bidston Railway Station is a 5 min walk from Location

This is the genuine, the authentic, the magical and the Legendary Myths & Legends Walk of Bidston

For Over 6 Years Hidden Wirral have been creating memories for visitors and locals alike in the Historic Wirral Peninsula. Best known for our spine-tingling Ghostly Walks, we also offer a range of interesting History Tours that run day and night, all year round. Our commitment is for a fun, insightful and memorable walking tour experience, facilitated by our exceptional team of storyteller guides, led by Bidston's pre-eminent historian, Tony Franks-Buckley Join us on one of our tours today!

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