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New Brighton Ghosts, Fables & Folklore Tour



Have you heard the Ghosts, Smugglers & Mermaid Legends of New Brighton? Let us take you on a mystical journey...

Hidden Wirral Myths & Legends Presents....The New Brighton Ghosts, Fables & Folklore Tour

Tickets cost £7 per person and limited to 15 people per tour.

What Have you got planned over the Christmas and New Year Holidays? Do something different with your family and friends, Join New Brighton Ghosts, Myths & Legends Tour for 90 minutes of history and mystery in the Seaside Resort. Our Historian brings to life stories of legends, Smugglers, Secret Tunnels and of course, Ghosts. Explore the Dark Lanes, Promenade and Village that make up the oldest parts of New Brighton Seaside Resort. Your Evening begins at an 18th Century Village Pub and old Morgue. We will take you on a journey through time introducing you to a mixture of Ghost Stories, Historic Tales, Local Legends and Fables.

In the eighteenth century, Wallasey was a haunt for Smugglers & Pirates. The centre of smuggling was Mother Redcap’s, a tavern that stood on the Mersey shore. Choose your date for Special Xmas & New Year tours or a Spooky Sunday Evening in 2020. We will be starting in the Magazine Village at the old Morgue which remains open today as the Pilot Boat pub. This tour is filled with Ghost Stories, Hidden Tunnels Spooky Tales, Historic Folklore and ancient legends of this famous Smugglers Cove

New Brighton is Haunted by Several Ghosts, Manor Lane is Haunted by the Ghost of Lady Maddocks whom roams the Lane in search of her Lost Manor House. Several people have reported sightings of an old lady vanashing through a brick wall near the bottom of the lane. The Magazine Pub is Cursed by a 17th Century Witch who is seeking revenge for her murder. The old Police Station is still guarded by a spirit who does not like visitors on the premises. The Lighthouse Ghoul patrols the area in search of Young Ladies who are foolish enough to visit the beach after dark. The Ghost of Mother Redcap guards her Loot which resides beneath the coastline. Our Historian & Author will brings these stories to life and so many more.

On this Historic Tour you will Learn about:

The Magazine Witch
The Ghost of Manor Lane
The Ghost of Mother Redcaps
The Pilot Boat Morgue
The Lighthouse Ghoul
The Black Rock Mermaid
The Seymour Street Ghoul
The Haunted Bell Tower
The Old Police Station Ghost
The Vale Park Vanishing Victorian Couple
The Legend of the One Legged Diver
The Gunpowder Stores of Wallasey
Visiting the site of Mother Redcaps - The Home of Pirates & Smugglers
The Secret Tunnels of Wallasey
The Myths of the River Mersey
The Liscard Battery Defence
Fort Perch Rock
The Oldest Pubs in Wallasey
The Fire at the New Brighton College
The Holland Family Shame
Tower Grounds Tunnels
New Brighton Hotel Tunnels
Captain Fortunatus Wright
Liscard Manor House
More Hidden Tunnels of Wallasey
And Much Much More.

Tour Capacity -  15 People
Tour Duration: Approx 90 mins
Wheelchair Friendly – No
Suitable for Children – Restrictions on Tours
6pm Onwards Tours - Over 11s Only
Normal Ticket Price £7

Meeting Outside The Pilot Boat Hotel: 15 Magazine Brow, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 1HP Please ensure you are outside 15 mins before the stated time to meet our Historian and hear the introduction to the Tour. Starting point can be reached via bus or ferry with free parking available. Food and Drinks are available to purchase before or after the tour

Tickets will be sent Direct to Your Email Address Via Receipt, just print this out or show us on your mobile phone.

Tickets Can be Purchased Via Credit/Debit Card or Paypal - For any further details or To help with Purchasing Tickets Please Text or Whatsapp us Direct on 07542391726. We can also offer a Bank Transfer facility to purchase Tickets.

About the Venue (The Oldest Pub in Wallasey)

The Pilot Boat-house’, usually known as ‘Boat-house’, was originally built in 1747.  It was called the “Pilot Boat House” because a small boat belonging to the Pilotage was kept at the back of the inn. Post Mortem's of those who were found drowned in the river were held in the public house. The Pilot Boathouse mainly catered for the less-to-do artillery men from the Battery and workmen who were engaged in promenade building. It is said that the Pilot Boat's saloon reeked of thick-twist tobacco, that the floor was covered in sawdust and that the numerous and commodious spittoons were well blessed.

The old date plate had the initials of ‘B’ (surname) and G.M (Christian names) and the date of 1747, under which was another date of 1876 and L.R, and at the bottom was APL. It suggests that rebuilding took place in April 1876. The building was enlarged with the entrance on the corner. The older building was left and was quite quaint in its way. Richard Dean was a long time serving landlord who was noted in 1812 and again in 1861. In 1900 John Turner was the landlord, followed by John Miles Jones at the time of the First World War. By 1938 Charles Frederick Portlock was the licensee.

What to expect on the Tour

The Pilot Boat Hotel was formerly a Morgue in New Brighton, opening in 1747 it is the oldest surviving pub in Wallasey and several ghosts roam the cellars. Many stories have been recorded by various landlords over the years in this former haunt of Seaman, Smugglers and Vagrants. A Perfect Place to Start and Finish your Day. Hear tales of local myths and the legends of the Gunpowder Village, and local ghost stories of the Wallasey Coastline

There must be a few things harder to imagine than an ammunition dump by New Brighton’s pretty Vale Park, or smugglers and wreckers sneaking furtively across the sands on which you have probably sat for many a quiet hour when the weather is warm. This Enlightening Tour will take you on a journey through time. Embrace the Darkness and Join our Historian & Author for an evening of Historical Facts, Light Comedy and many Dark Tales.

They say that, on the night of a full moon in New Brighton, The Ghost Walks Tonight.... Stand very still and listen along the coastline, you'll hear the laughter of the Smugglers - the laughter will swiftly turn to screams, the Ghosts of Mother Redcaps awaits.  Wallasey was plagued by Pirates Smugglers and Secret Tunnels In the eighteenth century, the centre of smuggling was Mother Redcap’s, a tavern that stood on the Mersey shore. Its proprietor was an elderly lady named Poll Jones, who always wore a red cap or bonnet. She was a great friend to smugglers and privateers, acting as a banker, minding their earnings while they were at sea.  An entire cycle of stories relates to Gunpowder being stored in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, now home to the famous battery which guarded the entrance to the Mersey. The area has many mysterious maritime Tales to tell. You will be walking around the coastline on a circular walk. You will learn and hear stories about Smuggling days, Victorian Times all the way up to the 21st Century and also visit the old Gunpowder Village which has several hidden secrets and Ghost Stories to tell. Discover authentic truths about the old towns dark past as we wander the promenade of Wallasey and learn of the Old Maritime Tales, Ghosts, Smugglers Secret Tunnels and the Local Legends.

WALLASEY'S UNDERWORLD If half the legends of smugglers' tunnels under Wallasey are true. then parts of the borough must be riddled with them.

Join our Tours and Find out more as we take you round the Hidden Historic Folklore Areas of New Brighton

This is an Exclusive circular Tour along the historic route from New Brighton Magazine Village to the old Town as we Introduce you to all the History,  Secret Tunnels, Maritime Tales, Myths & Legends of the coastal area, we will tell you about the local Smugglers Tales and Hideouts around you. Starting and finishing at Historic Pubs, food and drink is available for you to purchase after the Tour from the Pilot Boat which is the oldest surviving pub in Wallasey.

Pirates & Smugglers were a thorn in the side to Merchants and the ships sailing the River Mersey, looting wrecked ships and utilising the moonlight by night and the nearby secret tunnels by day for their escape. The infamous Mother Redcap (Poll Jones) and her Tavern situated on the Wallasey shoreline was at the heart of it and following her death a massive wealth of treasure and loot was never to be seen again. Come and Join us as we take you on the Smugglers Trail of Wallasey and explore the question, What ever happened to Mother Redcaps Treasure?

Rising from the river near Liscard in Wallasey stands Magazine Village - a community which, before gunpowder had bestowed upon it, had an air of respectability, and was known and denounced as 'Hell's Brow'. Join us as we take you on a Historic Coastal Tour around New Brighton Promenade, the Magazine Village and Old Town

At the Bottom of Magazine Lane in New Brighton once stood the New Brighton College which is now part of Vale Park. Visitors to the area in the early 20th Century often reported seeing a man dressed in Privateer style clothing with Buckled Boots and a Tricorn hat. He could be heard with a sound of coins jingling as he walked the bottom path  before Vanishing through the Shelter Building. This served as a warning to locals, if you heard the Jingles, run for your life.

Some Smuggling History in Wallasey

Wallasey for wreckers
Poulton for trees
Liscard for honest men
And Seacombe for thieves".

The last Wallasey wreck occurred in 1904. Reports say that in the early hours of 30th December wreckers lit fires to decoy the 'Ulloa' on to the sandbanks, The 'Ulloa', from Barcelona, was loaded with fruit and wines. She failed to pick up a pilot and swept on to the hidden Burbo Bank. The crew were taken off, but for three weeks until a great gale blew up, the master, Captain Oleaga, stayed on his 600-ton ship.

Dawn visitors to the shore found cases of oranges and lemons and literally within minutes, four-fifths of the population - to quote one eyewitness - were marching towards the shore. The news spread to Birkenhead and Liverpool and the fruits washed up by the sea were quickly placed into containers of every conceivable size and shape. Many brought handcarts and wheelbarrows. It became known as 'Orange Week' on account of the amount of oranges. Meanwhile, police, coastguard's and Customs officers arrived and calm reigned - until barrels of the finest vintage wines were spotted. They were plotted and seized by the officers the moment they hit the shore, but there were many casualties as people stabbed penknives and gimlets into the barrels. Gushing fountains of wine were transferred into all sorts of containers - including empty orange skins. The gale still blew bringing in more and more containers including casks of rum and sherry.

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