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New Brighton Ghosts, Fables & Folklore Tour



Hidden Wirral Presents.....The Ghosts, Fables & Folklore of The Magazine Village Historic Ghost Walks

Autumn 2020 Historic Ghost Walks - Tuesday's 6pm till 7.30pm Tour - Meeting at 5.40pm - Introduction begins at 5.45pm

Tickets Cost £10 Per Person and Limited to 15 Tickets Per Tour - Book now to guarantee your place, limited Tickets on Sale per Tour

Have you heard the Legends of the The Gunpowder Magazine Village on the Wallasey Coastline?

Imagine a Warren of Tunnels running beneath the streets of New Brighton and the Wallasey Coastline, where centuries of Stories are waiting to be told. Journey Back in Time on an Evening Ghost Walk and discover authentic truths about the old Villages dark past as we wander the Banks of the River Mersey and learn of the Old Maritime Tales, Smugglers Secret Tunnels and the Local Legends

Let us take you on a mystical journey....

Did you know that Wallasey was the 3rd Worse place in Britain for Smuggling, beaten only by Cornwall and Bristol? Join our Tours and Find out more......

Take a haunted tour of the Old Magazine Village and Wallasey Coastline on Sunday Evenings and learn about the many ghosts who have made the Hidden Village on the Banks of the River Mersey home.

The Pilot Boat pub was The Admiral Benbow of the North West. The odd Smuggler would stray in from time to time, regaling tales to the locals, driving fear and excitement into their hearts. Legends, folklore, ghost stories and history come to life as you depart on an intriguing Tour through 400 years of haunted history.

You will visit Historic buildings and dark alleys concealing long-forgotten secrets of shipwrecks, murders, hangings, hidden tunnels and more.

This Old Magazine Village was considered the most haunted area in the peninsula thanks to the work of Smugglers who frequented the area from nearby at Mother Redcaps. This Tour is a mixture of Factual History, Comedy and Ghost Stories.

On this Historic Tour you will Learn about:

The Magazine Witch
The Ghost of Manor Lane
The Ghost of Mother Redcaps
The Pilot Boat Morgue
The Vale Park Vanishing Victorian Couple
The Gunpowder Stores of Wallasey
The Secret Tunnels of Wallasey
The Myths of the River Mersey
The Liscard Battery Defence
The Oldest Pubs in Wallasey
The Fire at the New Brighton College
The Holland Family Shame
Captain Fortunatus Wright
The Liscard Manor Lane Haunting
Gibson House - The Old Mariners Home
And Much Much More.

Tour Capacity -  15 People
Tour Duration: Approx 90 mins
Wheelchair Friendly – No
Suitable for Children –  Over 11s Only (Due to Finishing at the Pub)
Normal Ticket Price £7
(Tickets to be Checked 20 Mins before Stated Time)
The Village can be reached via Bus on the Seabank Road Route from Birkenhead, Liverpool and Chester

Starting & Finishing Opposite The Pilot Boat Pub, The Oldest Pub in Wallasey  - Address -  The Pilot Boat Hotel: 15 Magazine Brow, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 1HP
Please ensure you are outside 20 mins before the stated start time to hear the introduction to the Tour and have your receipts ready. Our Historian will be waiting Opposite on the Corner of Magazine Brow.

The Starting point can be reached via bus with free parking available in the car park. Food and Drinks are available to purchase from the Pilot Boat Pub before or after the tour.

Tickets will be sent Instantly to Your Email Address Via Receipt, just print this out or show us on your mobile phon. Please use your Mobile Devices to Show Tickets Rather than print them out when possible.

More Info

Your Evening will begin at an 18th Century Pub, which is the oldest in Wallasey.

The Village is Haunted by Several Ghosts, Discover how this Gunpowder Village became the Most Haunted and revered for its size in the whole country and where even today you can retrace Local Legends, A Witches Curse and witness ghosts of the past.

The Pilot Boat pub was The Admiral Benbow of the North West. The odd Smuggler would stray in from time to time, regaling tales to the locals, driving fear and excitement into their hearts.

On this Tour you will also visit Manor Lane which is Haunted by the Ghost of Lady Maddocks whom roams the Lane & Promenade in search of her Lost Manor House. Several people have reported sightings of an old lady vanashing through a brick wall near the bottom of the lane. The Magazine Village is Cursed by a 17th Century Witch who is seeking revenge for her murder. The Ghost of Mother Redcap guards her Loot which resides beneath the coastline. Our Historian & Author will brings these stories to life and so many more.

They say that, on the night of a full moon in New Brighton, The Ghost Walks Tonight.... Stand very still and listen along the coastline, you'll hear the laughter of the Smugglers - the laughter will swiftly turn to screams, the Ghosts of Mother Redcaps awaits.  

On the edge of the Village At the Bottom of Magazine Lane in New Brighton once stood the New Brighton College which is now part of Vale Park. Visitors to the area in the early 20th Century often reported seeing a man dressed in Privateer style clothing with Buckled Boots and a Tricorn hat. He could be heard with a sound of coins jingling as he walked the bottom path before Vanishing through the Shelter Building. This served as a warning to locals, if you heard the Jingles, run for your life.

We will also be visiting the site of Mother Redcaps - Local Legends say that her Ghost still haunts the Wallasey Shoreline . Mother Redcap had hiding places for any number of fugitive sailors, and of course she also acted as a banker, keeping the men’s earnings and prize-money concealed about the building, and it was said that she had enormous amounts of money concealed, but its location was never revealed. It is said that shortly before her death a privateer ship came into port in Liverpool with a fabulously rich prize that had given the crew at least £1,000 (£50,000 in today’s money) each. Mother Redcap’s was “swarming” with sailors from this ship, and she received a great deal of the prize-money for safekeeping. She died soon after, and little property was found in her possession. The location of the privateers’ prize money remains a mystery to this day. What ever happened to Mother Redcaps missing Treasure?

Meeting at Wallasey's Oldest surviving Pub. The Pilot Boat Hotel was formerly a Morgue in New Brighton, opening in 1747 and several ghosts roam the cellars. Many stories have been recorded by various landlords over the years in this former haunt of Seaman, Smugglers and Vagrants.

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