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New Brighton Smugglers Trail



Hidden Wirral Presents....The New Brighton Smugglers Trail

Tickets Cost £7 Per Person Currently On offer for £5 Per Person -  with a limit of 15 people per Tour

Do Something Different with your Tuesday Afternoon or Evening and Step back in time into New Brighton's Fascinating History. Imagine a Warren of Tunnels running beneath the streets of New Brighton and the Wallasey Coastline, where centuries of Stories are waiting to be told. Journey Back in Time and discover authentic truths about the old towns dark past as we wander the streets of New Brighton. Hear Myths & Legends from the 16th Century to Modern Day and learn of the Old Maritime Tales, Smugglers Secrets, Hidden Tunnels, Mysterious Fires and a few Ghost Tales that are often based on folklore, often based on fact. This tour gives guests the opportunity to learn about some of these stories, and to see the evocative places in which they are based.  This tour takes visitors to some of the less well known historical and hidden locations on this circular walk which begins at Fort Perch Rock Beach. After a brief introduction we will then be walking onwards towards the Wormhole Caves and Mother Redcaps along the coastline following the smugglers trail and hidden tunnels that lies beneath the old town of New Brighton.

They say that, on the night of a full moon in New Brighton, The Ghost Walks Tonight.... Stand very still and listen along the coastline, you'll hear the laughter of the Smugglers - the laughter will swiftly turn to screams, the Ghosts of Mother Redcaps awaits. Join The New Brighton evening Walk for 90 minutes of history and mystery in the Old Town. You will be taken on a walk steeped in history and brings to life stories of legends, witches, smugglers, hidden tunnels, murders and of course, ghosts. Explore the dark streets and alleyways that make up the oldest parts of New Brighton Seaside Resort. We offer an afternoon or evening of History and Mystery to capture the imagination and inspire the mind.

What is a Smuggler? Smugglers, circa 1785. Smuggling is the illegal trade in goods to avoid paying customs duties and taxes . The 18th century was known as the golden age of smuggling. It was usually organised by gangs who were funded by investors or venturers. They chose secluded parts of the coastline to land cargos from ships.

Did you know that the Wallasey Coastline was the Pirate Capital of the North West of Great Britain? Before New Brighton was even born, the area was known as Black Rock and was plagued by Pirates, Smugglers and Fisherman.  The Coastal regions are littered with Smugglers Tunnels that were used for moving Contraband and other stolen goods around the region. The area also has its Historic Legends including a few Ghost Stories and was a showcase to Britain in the Early 20th Century. So join us on a journey through Time and Learn about all the Hidden Secrets the Resort Holds. Free Parking is also Available in the Fort Perch Rock Car Park

Some of the New Brighton Local Myths & Legends you will hear of on the Evening Walks:

The Legend of the Black Rock Mermaid
The Legend of Fort Perch Rock and Lighthouse
The Legend of Mother Redcaps Missing Treasure
The Witch of the Magazine Hotel
The Pilot Boat Morgue
The Secret  Smugglers Tunnels of New Brighton
The Haunting of New Brighton Lighthouse
The Seymour Street Spook
Legends of the River Mersey
Victorian Murders
Peggy Gadfly's Pub & The Smugglers Tunnels
The New Brighton Tower Construction & Location
Pubs & Contraband
Vale Park History
Legends of the Magazine Village
The Oldest Pubs in Wallasey
The great gale of 1839
The Wormhole Caves Connection
The Red Nose Caverns Connection
Other Smugglers Tunnels
The River Mersey tales
The Fairy Village of Vale Park
Tricks by the Wreckers
The wooden Perch Light
Old Ghost Tales
And Much Much More...

This is an exclusive Tour that you will only be able to undertake with Hidden Wirral. covering New Brighton through the ages:

Pre 1830 - Smugglers & Fort Perch Rock
1830 - The Birth of New Brighton
1899 - Tower & Fairground
1900 - Entertainment in New Brighton
1914-1940s WW1 & WW2 in New Brighton
1950s - Seaside Fun in New Brighton
1969 - 1989 - Mysterious Fires and Damage in New Brighton
1990 - 2013 - The Storms of New Brighton

Tour Capacity - 15 People Per Tour
Tour Duration: Approx 90 mins
Wheelchair Friendly – Yes
Suitable for Children – Yes (Ticket Required)
Ticket Price £7.00 Per Person
Free Parking Available in the car park
Transport - Local Bus and Train available to venue from Wirral, Liverpool and Wales.
Incase of Rain please Bring a Coat or Brolly,

The meeting point is Outside The Fort Perch Rock - Marine Promenade, New Brighton CH45 2JS Your Tour Guide will be waiting by the Beach Steps to the Right of the Entrance - Free Parking is available in the Car Park. Please Ensure Your Arrive 15 mins before the stated time.Tour finishes close by in the Victorian Quarter

Tickets will be sent Direct to Your email Address via Payment Receipt and you can Print them off or Show us on Your mobile Phone. This is your Payment Receipt  which states time and date of Tour. Please be at your destination for 15 mins before the start time.

Tickets can be purchased by using your Credit/Debit card or by Paypal.

Tickets can be obtained direct via this website or if you have any questions please text or Whatsapp the booking line to see if places are available on 07542391726

About the Meeting Location

The Perch Rock Battery, often referred to locally as Fort Perch Rock, is situated near Wallasey on the northern corner of the Wirral Peninsula. It was one of many defence's erected around the English coast in case Napoleon should try to invade the country or plunder coastal towns and was completed in 1829 from plans made by Captain Kitson. Red sandstone used in the construction of the fort came largely from the Runcorn Quarries, and was floated down the river in sort of flats and unloaded when the tide was out. Other stone came from Claughton Quarries. The stone was so soft and had to be left to be weathered. The Battery covers about 4.000 yards. Accommodation was provided for one hundred men, and the fort was equipped with eighteen guns, these being positioned to cover Rock Channel, the entrance to the Mersey from the Irish Sea. The fort has never been involved in any fighting and in 1958 the War Office put it up for auction.

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