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Secret WW2 Tunnels of New Brighton Tours


Imagine a Warren of Tunnels running beneath the streets of New Brighton and the Wallasey Coastline, where centuries of Stories are waiting to be told. Journey Back in Time and discover authentic truths about the old towns dark past.

Step back in time into New Brighton's Hidden History inside one of Britain's Best Kept Secrets and gain a unique glimpse into life on the British home front in the 1940s and the women who worked in a secret munitions factory. An innocent looking indoor Fairground has concealed the entrance to these hidden tunnels for over 75 years

Hidden Wirral Tours Presents...  The Secret WW2 Tunnels of New Brighton Tours

Tickets Cost £7.50 Per Person and Limited to 20 places per Tour, Book now to Confirm your place. Tickets are sent instantly via receipt to your email address or your PayPal App so you can print them out or simply show them on your phone

You will be introduced by our local Historian to the History of New Brighton followed by a visit inside the Secret Tunnels and Former Air Raid Shelter. You will be visiting the Top Secret  munitions Machinery Room that is still intact and operated throughout the Second World War and remained hidden away from public viewing until recently. This Secret base also had a big connection to the D-Day Landings in France. From 1942-44, the American Army came to town to help increase production in preparation for something big, all munitions were stored on the Tower Grounds and were later loaded onto boats, before they sailed off to Normandy at the end of May 1944.  Find out what it was like for those that worked and died inside the tunnels. You will also be learning about the Myths & Legends from the area including the origins of the tunnels which go way back to the days of the Wreckers and Smugglers as we introduce you to the legends of the hidden passageways beneath and around New Brighton  Resort. Now is your chance to view these old converted tunnels for yourself on a Special Historic Tour as we give you Exclusive access to visit these old Factory War Rooms and See for yourself why we featured heavily in the Liverpool Echo and on local TV. This is an experience for all to Enjoy. You can also sit down and enjoy reading some local stories from WW2 and Wirral History inside New Brighton's Hidden Indoor Attraction. Journey Back in Time and follow in the footsteps of those who worked and died inside these tunnels. We are the only underground History Venue in the Wirral Peninsula

On this Tour you will hear of:

Visiting the Secret WWII Munitions Factory
The Air Raid Bunker & Sirens
Bomb Damage to New Brighton
Uncover Authentic Truths about the Tunnels Dark Past
Explore Wirral's Only Preserved WW2 Munitions Room
Learn From Expert Guides full to the brim with knowledge
The American Army in New Brighton
War Time Dances at the Tower Ballroom
The D-Day Connection
Read a Prisoner of War's Letters Home During WW2 (Exclusive to Hidden Wirral)
Practice Morse Code - Machine and Alphabet Code on Display.
Hear the Great speeches of Winston Churchill
War Memorabilia
Evacuation & Shelters
Local Myths & Legends
Propaganda Posters
Authentic WW1 Medals
Replica WW2 Medals
Various Communication devices
The American Army Connections
The Bidston Observatory Mapping of the D-Day Landings
The Old French Laundry Bombing
The Sea Forts
New Brighton Tower Grounds Tunnels
Life in 20th Century New Brighton
New Brighton in the 1940s
The Wormhole Caves Connection
The Red Noses Connection
The New Brighton Palace History  
War Time Entertainment in New Brighton
Visiting the Bar Area of The Creep Inn Nightclub
And Much Much More

This is an exclusive opportunity that you will only be able to undertake with Hidden Wirral. Please feel free to bring a camera and capture the hidden history  and locations of New Brighton that you will be visiting. Even though the Tunnels are reasonable warm, Please bring a coat incase of cold weather.

Tour Capacity - 20 People Per Tour
Tour Duration: Approx 1 Hour 15 Mins
Wheelchair Friendly – No
Suitable for Children – Yes (Must have a ticket)
Ticket Price £7.50
Transport - Local Bus and Train available to venue.
Access to Munitions rooms is via stairs with safety handrails and suitable for all ages
Free Parking is Available on the Promenade

The Address is, Secret WW2 Tunnels, New Brighton Palace Indoor Amusements, Marine Promenade, Wallasey, CH45 2JX . We are located at the Top of the Alleyway inbetween the Floral Pavilion theatre and Palace Arcades and wait next to The Creep Inn Sign.  Please Ensure you arrive at least 15 mins before the stated time as we will be there to greet you and introduce you to the legends of the Tunnels before we head inside..


Tickets can be purchased by using your Credit/Debit card or by Paypal and are sent Instantly via receipt to your Email address or if you are a Paypal User they go direct via receipt to your Paypal App so you can simply print them out or show us on your mobile phone or Paypal app.

If you require any further information please email us or you can Text us or Whattsapp us and we will be glad to assist you