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The Historic Myths & Legends of Bidston Trail


Hidden Wirral Myths & Legends Presents... The Historic Myths & Legends of Bidston Trail

Tickets cost £7 per person - Currently On offer for £5 Per Person and limited to 15 per tour

Step back in time into Bidston's Hidden History on an Exclusive Historic Walk. Bidston Village has appeared in records since Doomsday, but evidence for occupation goes back to the Stone Age. The Village still maintains its medieval shape of church, farms, village green and manor house. Visit an area connected with Hidden Tunnels, Smugglers, Ancient Carvings, Norse Mythology,  Pagan Worshipping, Witches, Murders and Diseases where centuries of Stories are waiting to be told. Explore this historic village and 16th Century Church & Graveyard to learn about the legend of Simon Croft whom was the last pub landlord in Bidston and a friend of the smugglers. You will visit the historic Bidston Hall and hear of its history as we pass through the village to the former grounds of Bidston Court. Bidston has a deep connection with WW2 History that includes hidden air raid tunnels, bombed locations and AA gunsites. Join our Historian & Author for an afternoon of Historical Facts, Light Comedy and many Factual Tales. This is a fantastic circular walk for all to enjoy.

Join Hidden Wirral Historian and Author Tony Franks-Buckley as he takes you on a journey of Magic, Mystery and History around of one of Wirral's best kept secrets, Bidston Village and learn about the  Hidden World War II Tunnels, The Angry Miller, The last pub in Bidston,  The Damned Village, Witches, Smugglers, Dodgy Landlord, Satanists, Shakespeare Connection, The Stanley's, The Poldies, Goddesses, Ghost Stories, Norse Mythology and Much Much More. This is the Most Historic Tour of Bidston, We offer an afternoon or evening of History and Mystery to capture the imagination and inspire the mind.. Book now and Join us.

On this Tour You will Hear of:

Bidston Myths & Legends
Thermopylae Pass
Bidston Court & Gardens
Rhododendron Gardens
The Witch of Bidston Village
The Bidston to Wallasey Footpath
The Stanley Family
The Shakespeare Connection
Simon Coft the Dodgy Landlord
Pirates & Smugglers
Hidden WW2 Tunnels
The Legends of Bidston Hall
St Oswalds Church
Bidston Railway Station
The Last Pub in Bidston
The Lost area of Ford
The Clover Family
And Much Much More

Tour Duration: Approx 90 mins
Suitable Walking Shoes and Warm Clothes is Advised
Suitable for Wheelchairs: No
Suitable for Children: Over 11s Only Tickets required
Tour Price: £7 Currently On offer for £5 Per Person -

The meeting point is situated
Outside St Oswald's Church Gates
Bidston Village Rd, Bidston,
CH43 7QT
Please Ensure you arrive at least 15 mins before your stated time
Tour will be finishing at Tam O'Shanters Farm Car Park

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Myths you will discover on the tour:

Bidston Hill is one of the rumoured resting places for the Holy Grail and could be mentioned in the tale of Gawain in his account on travelling near the Wirral, there are also links to Joseph of Arimethea in the area too. On the hill top one can hear the sound of water rushing on the rocks near the Observatory, this has led to speculation that there is an underground water source and possibly further tunnels linked with Mother Redcaps and the tunnels in New Brighton. There are thought to be several entrances concealed on Bidston Hill and the nearby village. The hill has long been linked with occult and the the stone steps leading from the wood to the top are called "The Witches Steps". There are various "mummer" carvings on the rocks facing the east, one barely visible, adjacent to the Observatory wall, is a form of a man with a noose around his neck and dagger at his throat; this has led to speculation that this points to a ritual sacrifice, although it is thought these carvings date only from the 18th century. Eleanor Road is thought to be part of a Roman road linking Wirral with Chester. The bunker was built in an existing system of tunnels already in the area.

St Oswald's Church was rebuilt in the 13th century on the site of an earlier church. Its tower added in the early 16th century. This tower survives but the remainder of the present building dates mainly from the rebuilding of 1855-6. The stained glass include windows by Morris & Co. Church Farm Cottage, which stands opposite the church, dates from the seventeenth century.

Bidston Village has also played a host of gruesome murders, most notably that of the Williams family which was declared one of the worst murders of the 19th century. Five members of the Williams family, mother Emily Williams and her four children, were discovered buried within the cellar of a building situated near Bidston Hall. When investigating the grisly discovery, police quickly turned their suspicions onto the missing father who had seemingly survived the ordeal. Digging further it became clear that the estranged man had lived under a number of different alias’ in his lifetime and was suspected of killing his previous wife, Marie. At the time journalists had compared Mr Williams to Jack the Ripper, some were convinced he was infact the notorious serial killer.

Bidston was once once owned by the influential Stanley family, Bidston Hall was built by William, 6th Earl of Derby in 1595, by whom it was used as a shooting lodge. Following the Civil War, William's heir, James, refused to recognise Cromwell as ruler and fled to his estates on the Isle of Man. He was beheaded at Bolton in 1651. Constructed of yellow sandstone, the front approach to the hall is through a square court, with a handsome gateway decorated with the arms of the Stanley family. The western front has bay windows and projecting gables, and the entrance is in the centre of the front, formed in a semicircular porch, which rises the entire height of the building.

Tickets can be purchased by using your Credit/Debit card or by Paypal.

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