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The Cases of Cholera in Birkenhead

Londonderry Sentinel - Friday 11 May 1866


CHOLERA BIRKENHEAD. Liverpool, May 10. —Two additional deaths from cholera have occurred at Birkenhead. The victims wire a Dutch emigrant and his wife.


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Dundee Advertiser - Tuesday 15 May 1866


THE CHOLERA AT BIRKENHEAD. (From our Liverpool Correspondent.) Sickness and deaths from cholera still continue among the Germans at Birkenhead.


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Hull Advertiser and Exchange Gazette - Saturday 19 May 1866


THE CHOLERA AT BIRKENHEAD. In reply to Mr. Laird, Mr. H. Bruce stated that 200 emigrants had been sent from the Helvetia to the Government emigration depot at the Birkenhead docks. 400 healthy emigrants who were there the time were removed to a dormitory upstairs. The cholera had since broken out among them, and there had been several deaths, but the last reports were favourable, and the disease was subsiding. The emigration commissioners did not propose to use the depot, and it would still be retained for cholera patients. He was unable say whether the local authorities Birkenhead were communicated with before the emigrants were removed from the Helvetia.

Cheshire Observer - Saturday 12 May 1866


THE CHOLERA AT BIRKENHEAD. The dreaded disease, we are informed, has broken out at Birkenhead. It appears that on Tuesday about 200 of. the German passengers from the Helvetia were transferred to the emigration depot at the docks, after having been duly certified by Dr. Buchanan and Dr. Trenoh as perfectly healthy. Four hours after their admission a woman was attacked by Asiatic cholera, and yesterday morning she was said as to render her removal impracticable, and the recovery exceedingly doubtful. A few hours later a man was also at- tacked by the disease, and his condition last evening was regarded as hopeless. They were attended by Dr. Robinson (the local medical officer of health), Dr. Lambert, and Mr. Jacob.surgeon, all of whom were of opinion that the oases were decidedly those of Asiatic cholera. Every precaution is being taken to prevent the disease spreading to the other . mates of the depot, who are about 600 in number. Yester-day afternoon about 200 of the inmates of the left the depot, an I were conveyed on board . two ships lying in the river, and to sail for New York this morning.


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Cheshire Observer - Saturday 18 August 1866


CHOLERA CASE IN BIRKENHEAD. We regret to state that a fatal case of cholera took place in this township on Monday, the deceased— a respectable tradesman— lived in Oak-bank, near Oxton- road, which is considered a healthy locality, but his place of business was in Regent-street, Liverpool, where the disease is very prevalent- He was attacked with diarrhoea on Sunday, Asiatic cholera ensued ; and although every exertion to sustain life was made by Dr. J- M. Craig (who was not sent for till Monday morning), he succumbed to the disease. The house was visited by Dr. Baylis, medical officer of health, the premises were thoroughly disinfected, and the deceased was interred in char- coal within seven hours after his death. This is the only case of cholera that has occurred in the township since the landing of the foreign emigrants from the steamer Helvetia, and hope that the prompt and energetic measures adopted by the commissioners and the poor-law guardians will have the effect of preventing the spread of the disease, at least to any alarming extent. The town- ship at present is in a very healthy condition, and Dr. Baylis, the newly-appointed medical officer of health, is making extraordinary exertions to maintain the healthiness of the place, by causing the removal of every nuisance calculated to engender disease.


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