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Donate to The New Brighton Palace Tunnels Museum


Tony Franks-Buckley has taken over The Tunnels beneath New Brighton Palace and has big plans for the future. New Brighton and Wallasey has been desperate for a Museum for many years to showcase its amazing and colourful History. Tony Plans to utilise the Tunnels for a walk through experience giving visitors an insight into the variations of History in the area. To make this happen, a lot of funding is needed to purchase materials and Historic Items to fill the venue. All Donations will be used only for the purpose of the museum. We also accept any Historical Items you may wish to Donate to the Museum and will be credited to the Owner.


New Brighton is on the rise with tourists once again and being located on the promenade, the museum will be in a prime location for all to enjoy. Currently the venue is not disabled friendly and large areas are out of bounds. With donations we can fix these issues and make the tunnels accessible for all.


There will be themed rooms such as:


Mother Redcaps

Wirral Wreckers & Smugglers

The Birth of New Brighton

Life in Victorian New Brighton

The People of New Brighton

Wallasey at War

Disasters & Destruction

Myths & Legends

Entertainment & Theatres

New Brighton Tower & Fairground

New Brighton Outdoor Bathing Pool

The Wilkie Family & Attractions

Other Wirral Myths & Legends

And Much Much More


We value any contribution you can make to the venture and if you would like to speak more about items you would like to donate please email us at tony@hiddenwirral.org



WW2 Munitions Factory