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On Sunday 5th October 2014 Friends of Hidden Wirral members group joined forces with Friends of Frankby Cemetery and spent the Sunday morning planting Daffodil bulbs around the woodland and pond areas of the cemetery. Usually Friends of Hidden Wirral spend their Sundays travelling around the Wirral Peninsula and neighbouring counties undertaking historical guided walks and introducing the members to all things Mythical and mysterious of the areas. But this weekend was a different choice, giving something back to the Wirral Community. Everybody got stuck in together with group member and Friends of Frankby coordinator Cath Hollywood giving out the orders. Once the bags were empty, both groups joined together on a tour of Frankby Village, Royden Park and the regular Sunday tradition of visiting a local pub (The Farmers Arms) We are now excited and looking forward to Spring to see the end product when the Daffodils will hopefully appear. Friends of Hidden Wirral are always looking for new members to join them on the Sunday tours and have tours booked in right through to the early months of next Year. More details can be found on the website Friends of Frankby are always looking for help and volunteers to carry out work around the grounds to keep the area looking tidy and respectful for those coming to pay their respects to loved ones. Frankby Cemetery is also a great place to visit for those wishing to find a peaceful setting to relax and the wildlife in the area is fascinating, with squirrels regularly jumping around the trees and the odd Rabbit can be seen as well.

Friends of Hidden Wirral Lends a Helping Hand at Frankby Cemetery

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