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The Legend of Liscard Castle in Wallasey

The Legend of Liscard Castle


The building known as Liscard Castle once stood in the area which is today known as Castle Road and Turret Road, from which the street names are derived. The old mansion was built in 1815 and named Marine Villa. The building gets its nickname of "Liscard Castle" from its castle like appearance of its architecture.ce of its architecture.


The house sported several turrets and thick walls, with intricate detailing such as shields and stone animals and crests. John Marsden was a resident of Marine Villa for many years and from his name the building was alsonicknameseral other nick names such as; "Marsden Castle" and "Marsden Folly". In addition, the road we know today as Sea View; was originally called "Marsden's Lane", and this was named after Mr Marsden himself.


Liscard Castle gained a reputation for being haunted, before being demolished about 1902. The ghost was said to be that of a young woman who married a sea captain who lived there. One day the news reached the young woman of her husband’s death by drowning. Driven mad by this discovery, she drowned herself in the duck pond on Hose Side Road, which is how it gained its name of “the Captain’s Pit.”


A later resident discovered “weird old passages” in the basement, and called in workmen to have them blocked up. One evening, after the workmen had gone, he heard a loud knocking from below, and panicked, thinking someone had been accidentally walled up. He rushed down to the basement and shouted out. No reply came, but the knocking continued. Overcome by an inexplicable dread, he ran from the basement…


The passages in question are said to extend as far as St Hilary’s, Leasowe Castle, and even Chester Castle. Although the latter seems highly unlikely (what Stonehouse would have called “stuff”), it is possible that the tunnel leading to St Hilary’s joins up with one of the tunnels from beneath the Palace. Perhaps they are one and the same tunnel.

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