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Liscard Castle

The building known as Liscard Castle once stood in the area which is today known as Castle Road and Turret Road, from which the street names are derived. The old mansion was built in 1815 and named Marine Villa. The building gets its nickname of "Liscard Castle" from its castle like appearance of its architecture.ce of its architecture.


The house sported several turrets and thick walls, with intricate detailing such as shields and stone animals and crests. John Marsden was a resident of Marine Villa for many years and from his name the building was alsonicknameseral other nick names such as; "Marsden Castle" and "Marsden Folly". In addition, the road we know today as Sea View; was originally called "Marsden's Lane", and this was named after Mr Marsden himself.


Many years after the death of Mr Marsden, the building was separated into 3 residencies. They were called "The Castle, The Tower and The Turret". As time went by the building fell into a poor state of repair and became a victim of neglect. The large building was eventually pulled down in the spring of 1902. The stone lions from the building were said to have been removed from the site and disappeared for decades before finally reappearing on Dr Lyburn's house in Manor Road. The lion then apparently went missing never to be found a short time later.