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Hire a Tour Guide for a Day Tour of Liverpool or The Wirral Peninsula

Are You planning a Holiday in the Wirral Peninsula or Liverpool? Why not book a tour guide to take you out for the day around all the Hidden Myths & Legends of the City. Tony Franks-Buckley & Gavin Chappell are Qualified Historians and Authors and are available to take you on a day journey, introducing you to all things weird and wonderful about the city of Liverpool & The Wirral Peninsula.


Price £40 Per Person (Minimum of 2) from 10am till 5pm - Mersey Travel Day Card included in fee


Meeting Locations -


Liverpool - Outside Liverpool Museum, William Brown Street, L3 8EN

Wirral - Outside the Light Cinema, Marine Point, New Brighton, Wallasey, CH45 2HZ

Or - Hamilton Square Train Station, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1AL

An aerial view of the three graces in Liverpool New_Brighton_1959 Hidden_Wirral_St_Winfrides_Tony_Gavin

The Wirral Peninsula Tour From Liverpool

You will first be taken on a historic journey of the Pirates & Smugglers of Wallasey. The Wallasey Coastline was a former haunt for Pirates, Smugglers and Wreckers looking to cash in on the busy trade of Liverpool via the River Mersey. Ships would often be wrecked upon the rocks of Ye Black Rock, with the plunderers using the hidden tunnels along the coast as the escape route. This all led back to one place the notrious inn of Mother Redcap (Built in 1595). Not only was Wallasey a haven for Pirates & Smugglers, it also contained one of the most popular Victorian Seaside Resorts in Britain. Visitng the sites of the main entertainment areas of New Brighton, we will talk about the famous theatres, the old pier that was a direct route to and from Liverpool and also the New Brighton Palace that is connected to many myths and legends. The Rise & Fall of New Brighton is a story of enlightenment, comedy and dispair which was the go to place for the North West from Victorian times till the fateful day in July 1969 when following a fire at the New Brighton Tower Ballroom, the area became a ghost town. Wallasey has a wide and remarkable history of its own.


Moving on from Wallasey, we will then be heading to the Industrial area of Birkenhead which was once labelled "The City of the Future" Here we will be visiting the historic Town Hall, the iconic Hamilton Square and the area of Woodside situated on the banks of the River Mersey. Birkenhead history is great exhibition of the Industrial Revolution Boom in Britain. Birkenhead like Wallasey also has its connections with hidden tunnels, except it is in a very different way. The old priory of Birkenhead is said to have been linked with the first ever tunnel beneath the Riveer Mersey, pre dating the Queensway Tunnel by several centuries. Birkenhead Priory is a wonderful piece of surviving history and its neighbouring St Mary's Church Tower offers fantastic views acoss the River Mersey and across Birkenhead itself. Moving on from the Priory, we shall then be returning to Hamilton Square, where an underground train shall take us on the next part of our journey to West Kirby.


Taking a short and scenic journey along the coast, we shall be Visiting West Kirby, which has a vast and exciting history of its own. West Kirby is home to the Ecclesiastical walls of Philip DeGruchy. Leaving the Train station we shall be heading on the route of the famous walls and introducing you to the man of mystery who strangely disapeared for twenty years from all records, yet is later found no longer a stonemason, but a shop owner on Darmonds Green. Talks of the great storm of 1839 will also take place and the myths & Legends of hidden tunnels linked to the area. We shall be visitng the Abbey of West Kirby where hidden messages within the walls have a story to be told of their own. This view also offers sights across the River Dee to Wales. Moving on we shall be heading into the old village of West Kirby, which has some beautiful old buildings that have remained for several centuries such as The Nook, The Ring O'Bells and most notibly St Bridgets Church. We shall then be taking a Short walk through Ashton Park to the Train Station as we head on to our final chapter of the tour.

The Last part of the journey will be a trip around Hoylake known as the posh part of the peninsula. Here was the place that William of Orange sailed off to battle from, it is also home to the Royal Liverpool Golf Club which has been known for its use in the British Open 2014 and previous years.

The Liverpool Tour From New Brighton Marine Point

Have you travelled to the Wirral Peninsula for a holiday, Are you planning a visit to Liverpool why not hire a tour guide to take you on a day trip around the historic areas. Starting at 10am in the morning meeting at the Light Cinema, Marine Point, New Brighton if you are Situated on the Wirral. We shall take you around the historic areas at your request that are easily accesible via public transport giving you a detailed account of each area or building. We will also be visiting The Liverpool Anglican and Metropolitan Cathedrals and if you wish we can take a bus to the Liverpool & Everton football stadiums if you wish. We Offer a guided tour throughout the centre of Liverpool taking you to all the historic buildings of interest and we shall introduce you to all the myths and legends of the area. The area of Liverpool was once just a small fishing village and through time has grown into a port and later a city thanks to shipping and the industrial boom. We aim to introduce you to all things relevent with the city that has made it become one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world.


We are local Historians and Authors that will be taking you on a journey across the City. The tour will be lasting for most of the day and has a time frame of 10am till 5pm. There is plenty of opportunities to stop for the intake of food and drink at your request. We also provide the travel tickets for the day included in the price as we shall be using Public Transport. There is a minimum requirement of 2 people on the trip with a maximum of 6 people. However this can be adjusted in advance by contacting us direct queries@hiddenwirral.org.uk. We advise suitable and warm clothing depending on the weather and footwear of a suitable nature. We look forward to seeing you on our events and if there is any specific places of interest that you would like to include on the tour please let us know and we can adjust the route for you.

The Liverpool Tour Starting from Outside Liverpool Musuem

St James Cemetary 1902

Please Type in your Required Tour Date to the Empty field on payment button before adding to Cart. Every Day of  the Year Except Good Friday, Easter Monday,  Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day is Available

Please Type in your Required Tour Date to the Empty field on payment button before adding to Cart. Every Day of  the Year Except Good Friday, Easter Monday,  Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day is Available

Please Type in your Required Tour Date to the Empty field on payment button before adding to Cart. Every Day of  the Year Except Good Friday, Easter Monday,  Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day is Available

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