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The Mersey Mermaid

The north Wirral coast of Wallasey was once frequented by a mermaid: she could be seen off Black Rock, and also near Leasowe Castle, where the stretch of sands is called Mockbeggar Wharf.


The Black Rock Mermaid drove fear into the hearts and minds of the local Smugglers. She was known to have enchanting beauty that could leave any man spellbound. Legend in Wallasey suggests that, many Smugglers fell victim to her charms and were never to be seen again


A Liverpool sailor called John Robinson fell victim to her charms when he saw her sitting on Black Rock; he took her on board his boat, and she gave him a ring. She returned to the sea and he to his home, where he died five days later.


The Smugglers were afraid to enter the water, especially near to Red Betts.


She could also sometimes be seen sitting on some boulders called the Mermaid Stones further down the coast near Leasowe Castle.


Mother Redcaps Tavern on the Wallasey Coastline The Mersey Mermaid