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Paranormal Group & Private Venue Hire Details


The New Brighton Palace WW2 Tunnels

Paranormal Group Investigations


Secret WW2 Tunnels

New Brighton Palace

Virginia Road



CH45 2LH


Free Parking available on Promenade





If you are a Paranormal Group and Would like to Book the Secret Tunnels for a Private Event We have an exciting hidden location available for hire. Please fill in the contact form below  see if date is Free that you require or Call 07542391726


Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10pm till 3am £250

Overnight Stay 9pm till 9am Friday or Saturday £375


A Non Refundable Deposit Payment of 100 Pound Must be made in Advance to Secure Your Date


There is a Maximum of 20 Guests per Investigation allowed.

* Required

History of the Tunnels

The History of the New Brighton Palace is a fascinating one, the tunnels are said to go back over 200 Years to the Times of the Wreckers & Smugglers and were later redeveloped when the Palace was built. The tunnels were then used as a munitions factory during WW2 and later became a nightclub known as The Creep. The Tunnels were then abandoned and unused for over 20 years until Hidden Wirral took over the lease and now Historic Tours and Events in these Victorian Tunnels



During World War Two, between 1942 and 1944, the New Brighton Palace arcade was Depot 0616 of the U. S. Army: the cellars became an ammunition factory employing two hundred women, a base for fire watchers, and a communal air raid shelter, one entrance to which, a large iron grille, is still to be seen in Virginia Road at the back of the Palace.


Ghosts in the Tunnels

The Tunnels beneath the New Brighton Palace are Haunted by Several Ghosts, The lost Souls of the doomed passengers whose bodies were tossed inside the old caves and hidden during the wreck of the Pelican, there is the Grey lady that roams around making herself known to those whom venture into the tunnels. There is also the Angry Smuggler whom is searching for his missing loot and there has been objects moved and bangs occurring when nobody else is down there. Some years back when two joiners were in the tunnels, One of the joiners, hard at work, asked his companion to hand him a hammer, reaching his hand out for it without looking. He felt the hammer placed in his hand and continued his work. A few moments later, his fellow joiner entered the area, having gone off on a short break. He knew nothing of the incident.

Areas for Hire


The Creep Inn Nightclub

The Bar Area

The Officers Room (Complete Darkness Lockoff Available)

Secret Room behind Fireplace

The Back of the Bar

The Cool Room

American Casket Room

The Barrel Room

The Lone Vigil Room

The Hidden Fireplace Room (Can be locked off)

Munitions Factory Tunnel

Fire Escape

Power Access for Hot Drinks & Equipment

Guest Holding Area - Table and Chairs

Tables and Chairs also Provided for Vigils

UV Lights are Available as well as a Projector and Surround Sound

War Time Music and Air Raid Sirens

2 Real American Caskets to face your Fears


The Creep Inn  Nightclub & WW2 Munitions Factory

WW2 Munitions Room

Front of Bar

Air Raid Shelter

(Sound Effects Available)

Fireplace Room & Secret Entrance

Munitions Room


WW2 Munitions Factory New Brighton WW2 Munitions Factory

Some Further History of The Tunnels


The Old Palace and the Floral Pavilion were built in 1880, opening on Whit Monday the next year. It included an aquarium, baths, a theatre, a ballroom said to have been the finest in England, an aviary, and a zoo. The Rise and Progress of Wallasey says that during the construction of the original building a pit was discovered which “revealed evidence that it had been used by smugglers and wreckers for the purpose of concealing their goods” and that possibly it hid something more sinister. A “sickening” stench emanated from the pit, and only the liberal use of disinfectants could eventually remove the contents so work could continue. According to local traditions, this is connected with the wreck of the Pelican in 1793. The cavern was transformed into an underground waterway known as The Grotto, where small boats could sail past illuminated caves. It extended for over 250 metres, and is said to have ended beneath the bottom of Rowson Street.


In 1916 the Old Palace caught fire, and was later demolished. The current building, the New Palace, was built in the late thirties, and at the time of writing is celebrating its 67th anniversary. The pit itself was filled in with rubble from the remains of the Old Palace. During World War Two, between 1942 and 1944, the arcade was Depot 0616 of the U. S. Army: the cellars became an ammunition factory employing two hundred women, a base for fire watchers, and a communal air raid shelter, one entrance to which, a large iron grille, is still to be seen in Virginia Road at the back of the Palace.


In 1946 an eighteenth century blunderbuss was discovered in one of the tunnels. Part of the cellar was used as a social club for Palace staff after the war. After this it became the Creep Inn Club, which has since been closed due to flooding from the lake at high tide. The part of the building directly above the pit proved unsafe, and one half of the building was pulled down. It is now occupied by an open air fairground. The cavern is no longer accessible.

American Casket Room

(How Long will you last inside?)

The Creep Inn Bar

The_Creep_Inn_Tunnels_New_Brighton (31) The_Creep_inn_Tunnels (11) IMG_4874 Hidden_Wirral_New_Brighton_Palace (25)

The Barrel Drop & Entrance to Air Raid Shelter

Hidden_Wirral_New_Brighton_Palace (24)

The Cooler Room

Due to the nature of this location, this is an underground venue 30 feet below ground you will have use of 2 provided Chemical Toilets one for Males and one for Females (Same as a Caravan).  the upstairs Toilet Facilities are available until 10pm, whilst the New Brighton Palace is open

New_Brighton_WW2_Tunnels (13) New_Brighton_WW2_Tunnels (33) New_Brighton_WW2_Tunnels (1) IMG_8900 New_Brighton_WW2_Tunnels (15) New_Brighton_WW2_Tunnels (11)

UV Lights and Projector Screen available

New Brighton WW2 Munitions Factory The Secret WW2 Munitions Factory of New Brighton Munitions Facctory beneath New Brighton Palace 3 New_Brighton_Tunnels_Airvent New_Brighton_Tunnels_Munitions_Factory New_Brighton_Tunnels_Churchill The_Creep_Tunnels_New_Brighton (11) The_Creep_Tunnels_New_Brighton (12) IMG_0354 Inside the Creep, New Brighton Creep Tunnels New Brighton (1) IMG_0363

Starting life as Smugglers Tunnels in the 16th -18th Century they were then transformed in the 19th Century to be how they are today. But that is not the end of the story, the tunnels were also used as a Secret WW2 Munitions factory before finally turning into an underground nightclub. Book your slot and investigate, These old Tunnels