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The Rise & Fall of New Brighton Resort

Gavin Chappell and Tony Franks-Buckley give a detailed talk on the rise & fall of New Brighton a once highly popular Victorian seaside resort on the Wirral Coastline.


Gavin Chappell and Tony Franks-Buckley join forces giving a presentation on the Rise and Fall of New Brighton. Starting in the earlier centuries Gavin Chappell will take you on a journey from the days of the Pirates & Smugglers, up until the 19th Century when James Atherton's vision of a "New" Brighton was put in to place. Tony Franks-Buckley will then speak on the rise of the Victorian Seaside resort as the popularity increased during its transformation in to the number one Holiday destination for the North West of England. Following the Rise in the 19th Century, the fall soon followed in the 20th Century. First the Tower was removed, the ballroom later burnt down, the fairground closed its doors for good and the outdoor bathing pool was destroyed by storms. The Rise and Fall of New Brighton takes you on a  rollercoaster journey of happiness, sadness and an insight into a resort that is once again in the 21st Century rising from the ashes.


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Wirral - £50

Outside of Wirral £50 + Travel Expenses