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About Tony

Tony Franks-Buckley was born in Birkenhead and lives in Wallasey near Liverpool. After studying History at Liverpool John Moores University, he has progressed into a further historical role, writing local history on Wirral. He is the author of short stories, Victorian fiction and several historical books. Tony Along with His Business Partner Gavin Chappell, has gone on to become one of the leading experts on Myths & Legends in Wirral and has Created Hidden Wirral Myths & Legends Ltd Bringing together Experienced Staff Members to Serve the Public and delve into the unknown. Tony Also Created H.W.P.I which took guests to Locations around the UK for Paranormal Investigations and put many new venues on the map when performing first ever investigations. Tony now Works as a Guest for other Companies around the UK as a Historian and Paranormal Researcher. Tony Can also be found in New Brighton in the Victorian Quarter where he runs Historic Tours for the Public and Private Events


Tony Has written books such as:


New Brighton - A Victorian Seaside Resort.

Wallasey - Days Gone By.

The History of Birkenhead & Bidston.

An Introduction to the West Wirral Coastline.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Wirral Peninsula.

The Treasure of Treasures - Part 1 Ye Black Rock

The Hector Hornsmith Diaries

The Inventor's Quest


You can find much More of his works on his Amazon page.


Tony  Franks-Buckley Is Available for a Talk, Slide show with Q&A Followed in regards to his works on Myths & Legends of Wirral


However, he is also still available for several Subjects Such as:


The Secret Underground Tunnels of Wirral

The Rise of New Brighton Victorian Seaside Resort

Wirral Myths & Legends An Overview

Philip DeGruchy & The Walls of West Kirby

Hector Hornsmith & The Wallasey Pirates (Childrens Fiction)

Wallasey in Days Gone By

Bidston Village Murders, Myths and Legends



About the Inventor's Quest Book


William Withens is an Inventor, who lives in a seaside resort called New Brighton. Moving to a new home, he uncovers a secret that has been hidden for many years. The legendary tale of Mother Redcaps Treasure. It finally comes within reach when William Withens discovers the diary of Hector Hornsmith. With the diary in his possession and the mysterious clue that has been left behind. William sets out on a thrilling quest to find a hidden fortune in gold and jewels. However, the arrival of a new face in town, discovers the quest and arms herself with companions to capture the wealth for herself. In a race against time they compete against each other on the quest set by Hector Hornsmith. in search of the final resting place of Mother Redcaps missing treasure.


You can click on the link to purchase the book direct from Amazon



Tony Franks-Buckley

Author & Historian

Co-Founder of Hidden Wirral

Founder of The Wallasey Days Gone By Project

[email protected]


Tony's Amazon Page wallasey-days-gone-by The_Inventor's_Quest_ Birkenhead History Book An Inroduction to the West Wirral Coastline Front New Brighton - A Victorian Seaside Resort Front Co HitchHikers Guide to Wirral Front Cover The Blossoming of Love

Short Stories By Tony Franks-Buckley


Tony's Articles

New Brighton - Rise From The Ashes
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First Ever Paranormal Investigations Locations that the Hidden Wirral Paranormal Investigations Team was the first ever team to go in and conduct Ghost Hunts and Paranormal investigations on the Premises.


The Former Creep Tunnels, Beneath New Brighton Palace , The Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight , The Little Theatre in Birkenhead , The Old New Brighton Police Station , The Grosvenor Ballroom , The Wallasey Village Library , The Birkenhead Masonic Lodge , Ashville Football Club, Cross Lane , The Hoylake Sea Cadets Unit , Egremont Ferry Hotel , The Pilot Boat, Old Morgue, New Brighton , Stanley's Pub in Liscard , Gallaghers Pub in Birkenhead , The Brewers Arms in Neston, The Black Horse Pub (Sheridans) Wallasey Village, The Ship Hotel, New Brighton,

The Red Lion, Marchwiel.


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