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Hidden Wirral Tours

Our guided tours around famous and often infamous Wirral sites and landmarks are exceedingly popular. We regularly enjoy a large attendance with many regulars coming back to each tour.


Our tours take place during the day AND night for those who enjoy the thrill of the dark.


Many of our tours incorporate local mysteries, tales of the paranormal and lesser-known historical events. They often answer many of those questions we have often been wondering for years about buildings we have seen but know very little about.

Our tours are generally family friendly although some can be somewhat intensive given the terrain but are lots of fun. They usually last between one and two hours. Therefore we always recommend that you bring comfortable footwear, warm clothing and perhaps a snack and a drink. We insist ALL packaging and other items you came with must be taken home or disposed of properly. Hidden Wirral respects our local environment and littering is an instant ban from future events.


To book at an event click on the 'Purchase' tab at the top. Please also view our terms and conditions.


Urban Exploration and Ghost hunting is a potentially hazardous activity due to numerous environmental variables.


Outdoor ghost hunts typically take place in dark areas such as cemeteries and old buildings which may contain unseen hazards that pose risk of bodily harm, damage to property or even death.


We do not recommend anyone venture into an unfamiliar area without first surveying potential hazards during daylight hours.


We do not in any way except liability for any bodily injury, loss of life, or loss / damage to personal or private property resulting either directly or indirectly from information found on this site.


Furthermore, we assume no liability for the actions of people that choose to trespass on private property.


We strongly oppose anyone being on private property without the expressed consent of the property owner or its legally appointed agent.


Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to the above and assume full legal and moral responsibility for your own actions. Our pictures are provvided by trained urban explorers and we do not condone the illegal aproach to recreating and exploring venues we have discussed.