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Wall of Death - New Brighton


Belfast Telegraph - Monday 05 June 1939


A motor-cycle ridden by a woman hurtled out of a wall of death in a New Brighton pleasure ground on Saturday night, killed a man and injured a girl. The motor-cyclist had her leg broken. The man killed was Leonard Sidney Sutton. of Bell Green Road, Coventry. The motor-cyclist, Mrs. Campbell (21), of Green Bank Avenue, Brighton, was riding her machine round the wall of death in the presence of a large crowd of holiday-makers. The machine got out of control, hurtled over the top, crashed through railings at the side, and fell 12 feet. Sutton was struck, and died shortly afterwards. Annie Helton (15), of Birch Lea Street, Chadderton. Lancs., received abrasions and shock. Sutton had taken a party of men on a motor coach trip from Coventry. and had been expected to drive them back again, but news was conveyed to them by the police. Mrs. Campbell was about to take part in a race round the wall with her husband, and was making preparatory circles. She was travelling at high speed when, in the words of an eyewitness, the engine revved up terrifically and the machine hurtled over the top, with Mrs. Campbell still clinging to it, trying to get it under control. Her husband had just started off at the bottom when his wife's machine suddenly jumped away, and shot straight up the wall and over the safety cable.


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