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The Wallasey Days Gone By Project - Books & Tours By Tony Franks-Buckley

At over 400 pages long, this book will bring back memories to the local residents, the day trippers and holiday makers who flooded into the area to enjoy all the attractions it had to offer such as: the largest tower in Britain, the pier, the theatres, the swimming pools, the fairgrounds, the parks, the busy shopping streets and all the other entertainments provided for their pleasure. The area of Wallasey has a recorded history that dates back to the days of Pirates & Smugglers in the early 16th Century. Wallasey became well known for becoming a haven for rich merchants who built vast numbers of mansion houses and it is more recently remembered for its time as a popular seaside resort from the 19th century










onwards. Industry was also present during the back end of the industrial boom. Wallasey had its own Mill, the potteries of Seacombe and of course the docking area. This book captures the important factors of Wallasey that made it popular with tourists and why merchants flocked from across the land to build their mansions and become a part of the ever growing prosperous town. That later became one of the busiest seaside resorts in Britain. Take a step back in time and remember Wallasey from days gone by.

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Sunday - New Brighton Ghosts & Folklore 7pm

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