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The New Brighton Palace Tunnels History

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The New Brighton Palace Tunnels Formerly known as The Creep Nightclub, was also used as a munitions factory during The Second World War. This place for Tony was probably the best location we have done in historical terms. Tony did his research and due to him being a New Brighton lad growing up in the area, he remembers fondly the good times in the Palace when the indoor fairground was at its peak during the late 80s and early 90s. Little did he know then, that there was a network of tunnels beneath is feet, that stretched from the Palace all the way to the bottom of Rowson Street. This has been confirmed when Tony viewed Blueprints in Dave Wilkies Office. It was in February 2014 when Tony was given the opportunity to visit the tunnels by his friend Gary, whom was running the nightclub Evo's at the time. His vision was to return the tunnels back to it former glory as a nightclub. In the 1960s it was a proper Gentlemans Club as seen in the Photo below.

Inside the Creep, New Brighton

What is most interesting about the tunnels, when Tony visited the location, was the remains of its use as a munitions factory. The Ministry of Defence never Returned to claim their machinery and they still remain in the tunnels today.

Wallasey History (11)

The Photograph above shows the ladies of the Homefront war effort working on the machinery creating the ammunition. This was a Secret operation in its time.

Hidden_Wirral_New_Brighton_Palace (38)

The above photograph taken in February 2014, shows the macinery still in place beneath the New Brighton Palace.

The Creep New Brighton

Moving back to its time as a nightlub, this image shows part of the tunnels in its heyday during the 1960s. At the time New Brighton was a Seaside Resort that offered much leisure and entertainment activities. Clubs and Pubs for the drinkers, Fairgrounds and rides for the thrillseekers, Cinemas and Theatres were also a major part of the resorts attractions. There was something for everyone at New Brighton

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Compare this photo to the one just above and you will see its the same room, this was a reminder of the tunnels spell as a nighclub called Subway, An Acid House Club

Hidden_Wirral_New_Brighton_Palace (11)

This was on one of the walls inside the tunnels, it is some strange mural supposedly depicting Fertility or a Sexual encounter. The Acid House era brought a bout a time of smiley faces and strange clothing. Maybe the second coming of the psychadelic 60s. There was many drawings and artwork on the walls of the tunnels and I am sure it must have been fun attending Subway in the 1990s. However, this was to be the last use of the Tunnels when the doors were closed and not to be discovered again for a decade or so later in 2014. Sadly as I spoke of earlier, the proposal to turn it back into a nightclub was too much of a challenge in expense wise. Since the 1990s Health & Safety has come a long way or should I say, you can't do nothing without wearing a Hi-viz Jacket these days! The Fire Safety and Electrical work needed to restore the place would cost into the multiple thousands, so unless massive investment was made, the dream would never become a reality. That it didn't. For another year the premises lay unused once again until another person came in with an idea. This person was a horror enthusiast, his idea was to turn the tunnels into a Horror Attractions and that he did. The Top part of the Tunnels where the Toilets and Canteen were situated are now a Rifle Range next to the Creep Inn Tunnels

The First Ever Paranormal Investigation

Hidden_Wirral_Paranormal (12)

The first ever investigation in the New Brighton Palace Tunnels was conducted by Hidden Wirral Paranormal Investigations in January 2015. Tony spent several months organising the investigation to ensure it went as smooth as possible. As you can see in the photograph above, this was a clown room, this was not part of the Acid House era. The Creep Tunnels had Totally changed from its Long Tunnels and White painted walls. There was now sectioned off areas divided by wooden door frames, turning the tunnels into a maze. This was a nightmare to organise. However, if you look in the centre of the picture above, there is our Spiritual Medium Avril Griffiths, bare in mind this shot was taken in the complete dark, so what has stunned her we do not know. In this room we performed a White Noise experiment. Each section we investigated had different types of equipment, for guests to use as tools of investigation.

Hidden_Wirral_Paranormal (16)

One of our Spirit Boards used near the Drinks Bar area of the Tunnels.


When we investigated the Bar area we took a few photos, this one was most interesting. A member of our Facebook Group Hidden Wirral Paranormal Investigations, spotted what looks like a face in the background. This was definitely the most active area of the tunnels, with our Spiritual Medium Avril Griffiths picking up on several spirits, observing what we was doing. Several bangs occured during the Seance to the back of this photograph resulting in our Historian Tony Franks-Buckley, running for his life out of the area. Our Security Guard Chris Slattery whom was sitting next to him was none the wiser. A funny moment in the dark. The Guests and medium made contact with a Smuggler in the bar area on the Spirit Board, supposedly going back to the 18th Century. This was interesting as the location of the tunnels were formerly a cave complex with tunnels heading towards Mother Redcaps in Egremont and the other heading to the Wormhole Caves in New Brighton. The smell of smoke was witnessed by several members of the public, this could have been linked to the fire that occurred when the original Palace burnt down. We held several more nights Investigating the Tunnels but due to rising costs we decided it was time to leave them behind and continue with our other investigations around the North West. For more of the tales that occurred during our investigation, you can join the New Brighton History Tours with Historian and Author Tony Franks-Buckley. The Tours run throughout the year with Day and Night Tours available including Ghost Walks.

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